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As a marketing, advertising company, Channel2 Business Solutions can target users on Facebook and most of the major social media platforms based on demographics, geography, education, incomes, relationships, interests, behaviours, the list goes on. The level of audience granularity we can achieve is something that goes beyond anything else in the marketing, advertising world.

This makes social media an ideal channel for lead generation. Channel2 Business Solutions can proactively find high potential audiences to reach using social media platforms especially Facebook’s wide array of targeting options. Facebook has a pretty useful guide to understanding all its available targeting options.

Channel2`s targeting is what really starts to separate us from other mediums in terms of audience segmentation. Interest targeting allows us to deliver ads ( Call to action messages ) to users based not only on pages they’ve liked & interacted with, but also their interests and activities. This includes public conversations, and allows us to target users interested in specific topics. An example being an E-Commerce company can target people interested in brands they sell, competitor pages, and their general product categories.

Channel2’s behavioural targeting is even more valuable for lead generation, allowing us to target users based on past purchase behaviour and intent. We can target these users by purchase types & industries.

Although targeting our existing user  base isn’t necessarily useful for generating new leads, Channel2 can create “Lookalike Audiences”  of our existing user audiences. Here Channel2 will build a list of users similar to those in your target audience based on demographics, interests, intent, and behaviours. We now have an extremely qualified list of potential clients to target, and can create Lookalikes of different sizes based on your audience.

Personal profile page messaging is something unique to Channel2 Business Solutions and permission based.We place your call to action messages into your prospective clients personal news feeds so we receive a high click through rate. As you will know most other marketing companies post ads into Facebook’s ads pages that are on the right side of the clients page, a bit like Google ads.

To find out more about what Channel2 Business Solutions social media marketing can do for you just call 08447747513 or Email

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