Why You Need to Know About Google’s Blog Search Engine

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Watch the above video to find out how blogging can help with your search results.

Did you know that Google has a segmented search engine just for searching blogs and blog content?

That’s right! There is a blog search engine. Cool right?
Here’s the link: http://blogsearch.google.com/
Why should you as an entrepreneur or business owner care about Google’s Blog Search Engine?
That’s easy!

Bloggers are the new wave of trusted, authentic media, and they have a huge impact on journalism, sales, consumer thought, and communications.
Google’s blog search engine will help you if:
You want to market to bloggers
You want to build relationships with bloggers
You want to meet and discover bloggers in a particular industry or niche
You’re looking for guest blogging or blog article swapping opportunities
You’re looking for ideas and inspiration on content and topics for your blog
You want to review successful or high-ranking blog posts and evaluate their methods and content
You’re looking for bloggers to review your book or product
I’m finding Google’s blog search engine a great resource for me and I hope you do too!

Posted by Simon Clegg: Channel2 Business Solutions and Gogreen2 Marketing Ltd Channel2 imagesimon-clegg


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