New Survey Shows News Consumption Across Social Media Sites

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Social media has become one of the best sources for staying in the know with what’s going on in the world. A new study by Pew Research shows which networks are used for the most news intake as well as percentages and demographics of each. While all major social networks have some news consumption, the networks with the highest percentage of people who view news are Reddit, Twitter and Facebook with 62 percent, 52 percent and 47% respectively:


While Reddit may have the highest percentage of new uses, Facebook is the dominant force when it comes to the volume of news consumption. Facebook reaches 64% of all U.S. adults while Reddit reaches a mere 3%. The fact that 47% of Facebook users use the site for news means that 30% of all US adults consume news on Facebook. This means that roughly Facebook has 3.75x the American news consumers than Twitter and almost 10x that of Google+.


When taking the news off of the desktop and onto the mobile device, the numbers look a bit different. American adults that get news on a social network are more likely to use mobile devices for news, with 54% and 51% using Twitter and LinkedIn respectively.


Posted by Simon Clegg: Channel2 Business Solutions and Gogreen2 Marketing Ltd Channel2 imagesimon-clegg

For more information see the full study from Pew Research.


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