Corporate Videos That Will Make You Cry

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On September 11th 2013, Thai mobile company True Move H posted a video to YouTube, which has subsequently gone viral with over 11 million hits. This three-minute film has been described as the biggest tearjerker of all time.

The emotional advert centres on a noodle vendor and a young boy who has been caught stealing medication for his sick mother. Attracted by the pharmacy owner admonishing the boy, the noodle vendor pays for the medication and gives him some free soup.

Fast forward thirty years and the noodle vendor is still working on his stall with his daughter, still displaying his generous nature. Suddenly, he collapses and is rushed to hospital where his daughter is presented with a bill amounting to c. £15,500. To pay, she’s forced to put their home on the market. However, when she receives the final bill, she’s surprised to find the charges are £0, with a note saying the account was paid thirty years ago with three packets of painkillers and some soup. The doctor, if you haven’t already guessed, was that young lad.

The final tagline on the advert is ‘giving is the best communication.’

Viewers around the world have commented on the video, describing it as ‘beautiful and inspiring’ and ‘so emotional.’ So how did this happen? When did corporate videos start giving movies like Titanic a run for their money?

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