Does Google Favor Businesses That Spend On Adwords?

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This has been a question for many years from small businesses to high profile advertisers. The answer is simply, NO. Google does not give any special treatment for those who spend a lot of money on AdWords advertising because that would really be an unfair practice. Everyone is on the same level playing field and just because you have deep pockets does not mean you are going to get any special treatment on the organic side of the equation. In this video Matt Cutts discusses the relationship between organic search and Google AdWords.

Many businesses believe Google Adwords help them with their SEO rankings and therefore increases website and page popularity. Well I can tell you that this is wrong, only organic well written interesting content will push up your page ranking and boost SEO.

In this video Googlesimon-clegg’s Matt Cutts explains this in very simple terms…

Post by Simon Clegg:  Gogreen2 Marketing Ltd and Channel2 Business Solutions


One thought on “Does Google Favor Businesses That Spend On Adwords?

    Marketing Lady said:
    08/10/2013 at 12:32 pm

    We have spent loads on adwords because we thought it would help with our SEO!


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