Brits more likely to interact with video ads

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Brits more likely to interact with video ads

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 Britons are 60% more likely to interact with video advertisements than website users based overseas, research has suggested.

It found that pre-rolls – interactive ads served before video content – are twice as popular in the UK as they are globally.And data for 2012 revealed that interactive pre-rolls accounted for twice the share of in-stream video ads in the UK (72%) than globally (36%).

By way of contrast, standard pre-rolls accounted for 25% in the UK compared to the global share of 46%, according to the report by AdoTube.Overlays – ads which run on top of the main video – are far less popular in the UK, where they made up less than 2.5% of ads served, compared to 18% globally.

In the UK, 4.8% of video ads with interactive capabilities – such as playing a game, finding a shop or entering data – are interacted with – compared to 3% globally.Click-through rates to advertiser websites are also much higher in the UK (3.7%) than the global average (2.6%).

It is difficult to ascertain if this is because Britons are more inclined to engage with ads or whether UK brands are delivering more relevant and engaging creative copy, said Niki Stoker of AdoTube’s parent company, Exponential UK.

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 Posted by Simon Clegg. Channel2biz and Gogreen2 Marketing Ltd


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