Marketing and SEO

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Marketing and SEO

  • Viral, Social & Business Media Marketing
Viral marketing and social media marketing is an essential tool for any business. Sites such asTwitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are among the most popular sites regularly visited on the internet and can generate large numbers of visitors and new sales leads.
We at Gogreen2 Marketing Ltd also concentrate on all the major business networking sites to promote products and services as well as businesses to the professional and academic sectors.Many businesses are already utilising social media marketing as part of their ongoing business strategy, but a large percentage of these are not aware of the essentials required to fully maximise social media to its full potential.

We at Gogreen2 Marketing Ltd are able to do this viraly for you and update your campaigns on a daily basis to give you that vital Buzz.

A typical SEO campaign at Gogreen2 SEO goes through a process from initial client consultation to fact finding of what you, as a business, want to achieve, along with professional advice from our SEO consultants with competitors analysis and keyword research, we can fine tune your website to ensure it performs well in the short term, and also target generic keywords for future  expected growth..

Gogreen2 SEO work with all search engines but we concentrate on Google, Yahoo and Firefox as we see these as being the strongest and most popular of all search providers and intern this brings our clients the greatest results.


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1. The SEO Process consists of an initial analysis of the website and to determine what is to be achieved fro

m the SEO campaign.

2. Keyword research and analysis is done in line with the initial analysis to ensure the SEO campaign delivers the best for your business.

3. Competitor analysis is a good place to start to determine how much work is required on the site in order to rank higher in the SERP’s (Search Engine Ranking Positions). A detailed analysis of competitors targeted keywords, online strategy and main focus are analysed.

4. The sitemap of the site is assessed to ensure the site is SEO friendly and the site conforms to current search engine algorithms.

5. The site is the submitted to search engines and the initial off-page strategy commences with directory submissions.

6. Social Book marking and business media marketing is a vital part of SEO these days. We ensure your site is posted on all relevant social and business media book marking sites.

7. Press releases have always been a major influence to SERP’s. Articles are written of different topics that relate to your site and your business these articles are then submitted to reputable blogs and news feeds to increase the link popularity of your site.

8. Article submissions are similar to blog posts, as these articles are submitted to over 100 article submission websites where webmasters source content for their sites. With the passage of time, as article gets shared over the net, link popularity for site increases.

9. Link popularity accounts for 40-50% of the total SEO strategy as sourcing high quality links is a major factor for SEO, without which ranking No1 for competitive terms is not possible. Links from relevant sites, of good content and sites that are not link farms always result in high quality link juice and can propel the site in the SERP’s.

10. At the end of each month a SERP report is produced to show the changes in the rankings and of the work that has been carried out on your site along with an action plan for the following month

White Hat Guarantee: All of our marketing, business media and SEO campaigns use organic Meta data and all content is unique to the individual campaign. Please take a look at Google’s Head of Webspam Matt Cutts video, just click the link below.

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  • Drive Traffic
Social media bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Slashdot have been known to drive thousands of visitors to websites. We submit blog posts – and website content – to these sites these submissions will capture the interest of readers and result in increased website traffic.
For that important bit of exposure Gogreen2 Marketing Ltd will create a bespoke press release on your behalf. Creating a social media profile allows for the creation of multiple campaigns. We know a good business strategy should run a main social media profile and then look to create smaller targeted profiles that cater for very specific niche markets, related to your main business interest.If your business sells a wide variety of products, we would look to create individual profiles that target the different categories of products sold. This tactic allows us to concentrate on each subset of product, as well as the potential customers searching for these specific products, or type of products. By breaking down your social media campaigns, we will provide relevant, topical information that caters for very specific individuals.

Where other businesses try to capture all potential buyers in one huge net and can only provide generic information to a wide scope of readers about the entire range of their product or services. Gogreen2 Marketing Ltd with our niche market profiles will reach out to each subset and provide them with exactly what they are searching for.

  • Video
We produce our own 20-40 second impact video links that create an impressive call to action– Take a peek at Eco-Boxes page and view the video, anytime you stop the video it will link back to your page Just Click Here!
We also produce professional online commercial videos to showcase your business, product or service- Click Here for more information!

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