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Ecoflap is a letter box cover which fits internally over the existing letterbox hole in your front door.

It has been estimated that up to 27% heat loss occurs through a letter box – Ecoflap helps eliminate this!

Prevents irritating draughts. Works with your existing outside letterplate and retro fits your door up to sizes as detailed left. No disturbing rattles, flaps or snaps. Will not blow open Helps prevent the jamming open of your letter box saving on heating bills. Save yourself money and purchase an Ecoflap today!

Whilst allowing large items to be posted through the aperture, the real magic happens when the Ecoflap falls to the closed position. It provides a draught restricting barrier to the elements outside thus helping you save on expensive energy costs.

Draughts will not blow Ecoflap open. In fact, air flow will tighten the seal even further which creates a total rattle-free cover whilst conserving heat in your home. Unlike most draught excluders the Ecoflap has no brushes or springs thus eliminating any wear and tear.

The Ecoflap fits over a standard letter box aperture measuring up to 30cms x 8 cms (horizontal). Packages up to 28.75 cms x 5.325 cms can be accomodated (The yellow pages fits through easily with room to spare).

If you would like more information on any of our products or services then please contact us.

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