What Kind of House do you Live in?

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With the Green Deal, the type of dwelling you live in is extremely important. This is because the government scheme aims to make properties more energy efficient, and every property has different needs.

– The government scheme will take care to make sure each home gets its energy requirements met. This is in a bid to reduce carbon emissions; a target has been set to reduce them by 80% by the year 2050.

The energy you use will vary massively from others depending on what kind of property you live in. In the run up to the Green Deal it’s always good to educate yourself on all the little factors that form the world of energy we simply could not live without. The annual consumption of energy for each different kind of dwelling is as follows:

Terraced House – Mid-Terrace: 2,779 kWh
Terraced House – End-Terrace: 3,442 kWh
Terraced House – Small Up To 70m2 kWh
Terraced House – Med Up To/Large Over 70m2: 4,399
Semi-Detached House: 3,847 kWh
Detached House: 4,153 kWh
Bungalow: 3,866 kWh
Flat: 2,829 kWh

The Green Deal will cater to all different kinds of house, as well as business buildings. This will be accommodated through the use of Green Deal Assessments.


This process will involve an accredited Green Deal Advisor visiting a property and surveying it for its energy inefficiencies. This is a vital part of the scheme because, as shown above, there are such a diverse variety of properties in Britain, all with different energy requirements.


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