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“Winter is coming and the time for considering saving energy.
Energy prices haven’t been so high as the present day.

We are running a promotion encouraging our existing users of Ecoflap to refer our product to others.

Any sales we receive with your name and email named as the referrer, both you and they will entered into a hat and the first one to be picked – on this occasion – 30th November 2012 will win £100. From thereon it will be on a 2 monthly basis..

Please encourage use of Ecoflap as part of the national endeavours and promotions of conserving energy and saving money – not forgetting a more comfortable home.

Your boiler thermostats will not be receiving false information if situated near the letter box!

*Don’t forget to ask your “referral” to include your details in the “INSTRUCTIONS BOX” when ordering via paypal – or emailing ann@ecoflap.co.uk to let us know.
Check it out on the Website http://www.ecoflap.co.uk.


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